Friday, January 21, 2011

Greenleaf Halfscale Dollhouse Buttercup

This is a Beautiful Custom Built, half scale two room Dollhouse Cottage that has a warm and welcoming feel to it! It is all ready for you to furnish & move in! You can fill it with items to fit your imaginary setting like a cozy hideaway in the woods or a grandmothers cottage. 

Each stone, brick & shingle were hand sculpted from clay and hand painted several colors to give it the realistic look you see here. Many hours has gone into this wonderful creation. There are  flowers & vines on the outsides and a herringbone brick pattern on the outsides leading to and around the front door. On the insides, there is a window seat in the bay window,  and wood floors & wallpaper throughout. The door even has a doorknob. The chimney stack has the look of a puff of smoke coming out. 

This is a Half Scale Tracy Topps Custom Dollhouse Creation.  The size of this 1/24th scale
(or G-scale) creation is 9 1/2"W x 10"H x  8"D . (This house is considered to be 1/2" scale or G-scale or 1/24th scale) this is NOT a 1" scale house.  If you have run out of space to display your wonderful cottages, change scales!

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