Thursday, February 24, 2011

Greenleaf Contest DollHouse 2009 kit Shabby Chick

This item is for sell on eBay right now Item # 190505340955

 Birds,Butterflies, Bunny Rabbit and a cat are little creatures you'll see peeping around this cute little cottage! Sometimes, I get excited about a project when it begins to look like what I saw in my minds eye and this house did not disappoint me. 

This house has been electrified so all of the lights and the outlets work and come on when plugged in (Transformer and lead in wire not included in this auction). I made the statue of the little boy holding a bird. I sculpted him from creative paperclay. The roof tiles, stones and brick and even the grassy base are all created using creative paperclay. I hand sculpted and then hand painted each and every shingle, stone & brick several colors of paint to create the realistic fantastical dream cottage you see pictured.  I made the rose bush with delicate rose flowers and petals. The vine next to the front door of the house has 2 birds perched and waiting to see who comes by for a visit.  I also hand made the bird house that is on the side of the house. The rose door knocker was also a creation of mine. The windows were upgraded to give a brand new flavor to this house. The herringbone brick walkway also add the extra eye candy & charm to this cozy cottage.

Moving on to the insides of this cottage, there has been things added to customize and add a touch "charm". The wood floors were painted white and the lower level floors has pink stenciled leaves are surrounding the border. The Couch, chair and stool is included in this auction. The wallpaper has gorgeous shades of pink, green and cream. The room upstairs has "drawers" (non opening) on the one wall and  storage below them. The handcrafted & created bed was made by me. 
This was a fun house to build. It is 1" scale and the measurements are 18" W x 17"H x 14 1/2" D (including the base).  This house is 1" scale (1" = 1' scale)


Shabby Chic Greenleaf Dollhouse

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dura Craft Sweet Heart Cottage by Tracy Topps

I did this one a few years ago. I wish Dura Craft did not go out of business. They had some Fabulous houses:

Tudor Cottage

Lily Greenleaf Dollhouse by Tracy topps

This one ended up on the Front Cover of Dolls House And Miniature Scene Magazine:

The Lily Greenleaf Dollhouse

Castle Dollhouse By Tracy Topps

This was a halfscale Castle I did for a client from England:

Cremins 1/2 scale castle

The Coventry Cottage Dollhouse by Tracy Topps

This was one I did for Greenleaf's Construction Blog. I was commissioned to build all of their kits for them:

The Coventry Cottage

Greenleaf Pierce Dollhouse Kit by Tracy Topps

This is a House I did for a family in Illinois. We called it the Peacock Castle. This is the finished house:

Greenleaf pierce dollhouse

I was asked to build this Pierce Dollhouse that was Created Especially for 8 Year Old Lena who LOVES Purple and Princesses. This Pierce is a loving gift from her parents. This Greenleaf House will become her dream place to be.

This one if of the build :

Greenleaf Pierce Dollhouse

Black Briar Greenleaf Mckinley Dollhouse Kit

This is from the Greenleaf kit called the Mckinley. Email if you want this one.  Wallpaper can be used instead of the stucco that was used for this customer. Customize to your taste

Black Briar (Mckinley)

Tracy Topps Story Book Cottage Greenleaf dollhouse

Rosemary's Thatched Roof Cottage (Greenleaf Storybook dollhouse Kit) This is an edited Storybook cottage I did for a client

Rosemary’s Thatched Roof Cottage (Greenleaf Storybook dollhouse Kit)

Greenleaf Dollhouses Brimbles Mercantile Tracy Topps

This is one I did for a client of mine. It's called Heather's Mercantile

Greenleaf Dollhouses Brimbles Mercantile Kit

Tracy Topps Rosedale Dollhouse Kit Greenleaf

Tracy Topps Rosedale 1" scale Dollhouse Kit Greenleaf

Rosedale Dollhouse Kit Greenleaf

Whispering Cove Custom Dollhouse by Tracy Topps

Whispering Cove Custom Dollhouse by Tracy Topps. This was an edited Orchid Dollhouse Kit I built for a client in 2009.

Whispering Cove By Tracy Topps

Tracy Topps Shadow Box & Card Scenes

These are great gift ideas

Shadow Box & Card Scenes

Quarter Scale Sugarplum Dollhouse Kit

Quarter Scale Sugarplum Dollhouse Kit by Tracy Topps

Quarter Scale Sugarplum 2009

MoonBeam Cottage Greenleaf Arthur Kit

I created this house in 2009 for a customer. It is going to be a toy shop and the name of it is "Moonbeam Cottage Toys". The fat cat on the porch resemble the customers cat named Moonbeam.

Greenleaf Arthur Dollhouse Kit

Halfscale Victorian Houseworks Dollhouse

Halfscale Houseworks Dollhouse

Wedding Gift Castle by Tracy Topps

I made this gift as a little keepsake for a friend. She's friends with my son & his wife and our families has been knowing each other for years. It makes me feel old to see that she's old enough to be married now. Her favorite color is purple.

Halfscale Buttercup Dollhouse by Greenleaf

This was the first Halfscale Buttercup Dollhouse Kit. It has hand sculpted Stones on this house.

Half Scale Buttercup Cottage

Greenleaf Halfscale Dollhouse Buttercup

This is a Beautiful Custom Built, half scale two room Dollhouse Cottage that has a warm and welcoming feel to it! It is all ready for you to furnish & move in! You can fill it with items to fit your imaginary setting like a cozy hideaway in the woods or a grandmothers cottage. 

Each stone, brick & shingle were hand sculpted from clay and hand painted several colors to give it the realistic look you see here. Many hours has gone into this wonderful creation. There are  flowers & vines on the outsides and a herringbone brick pattern on the outsides leading to and around the front door. On the insides, there is a window seat in the bay window,  and wood floors & wallpaper throughout. The door even has a doorknob. The chimney stack has the look of a puff of smoke coming out. 

This is a Half Scale Tracy Topps Custom Dollhouse Creation.  The size of this 1/24th scale
(or G-scale) creation is 9 1/2"W x 10"H x  8"D . (This house is considered to be 1/2" scale or G-scale or 1/24th scale) this is NOT a 1" scale house.  If you have run out of space to display your wonderful cottages, change scales!

Apple Tree Cottage (Primrose Greenleaf Dollhouse)

This is a House I did in 2010. I called it the Apple Tree Cottage. I built this one for  a client. This is a edited Primrose kit by Greenleaf dollhouses. This is a 1" scale dollhouse. I added about 3" to the attic.

Apple Tree Cottage by Tracy Topps

Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse by Tracy Topps

I built this in 2010.
This house is dignified and grand and full of upgrades! The sophisticated exterior has been painted 4 different colors to enhance the beauty of this gorgeous Victorian Mansion (the house is a very pale lavender with white, gray and lilac) ! It also has a curved Mansard roof. This Beacon Hill has seven rooms, and it has two hallways that are large enough to furnish as rooms. it has a fireplace in the upper bedroom, two bay windows, and a winding staircase. This one also has been edited by me to included a room in the Tower (right on the roof). The stones on the house and base were hand sculpted & painted by me using creative paper clay.
The shingles were hand painted 4 different colors to compliment the entire color scheme of the house. There is a Wisteria Vine and a climbing rose bush. 

My houses have been featured in more than 9 magazines (including online magazines) in USA, Spain & the UK. 

This house is 1" scale.
Built Size of house alone:  32" W x 17" D x 40"H
Size including the base:
37" W x 24" D x 41"H