Friday, December 18, 2009

Greenleaf Buttercup Dollhouse Tracy Topps

I know, you can not barely notice the fact that this is a Bashed & edited greenleaf dollhouse kit model called the Buttercup. I will finish the insides of this one soon:

Fairytale Cottage

Whispering Cove Custom Dollhouse Tracy Topps

Just wanted to add a Picture of one of my Favorite houses I did this year! I created it for a customer and it started with the Orchid Dollhouse Kit by Corona-Concepts / Greenleaf Dollhouses. It has a swamp and a cave at the bottom. It was totally fun to create!

Whispering Cove By Tracy Topps

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Greenleaf Adams Dollhouse Kit

I had so much fun building this one but, at the same time it was my least favorite because I kinda lost focus while I was doing the clay. I had surgery right before this build and I was so worried about it that I did not create it according to the drawings I had. funny thing is, every one liked it and I was gonna take it to the Wee C miniature show with me to sell but it actually sold before I even got there. This is another one of my houses that is in Roberta's Collection. She loved it at first sight

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Greenleaf Custom Buttercup Dollhouse Kit

The Buttercup kit by Greenleaf is such a sweet little house. There is everything included in this house to create your own Cottage setting. I have seen it built as a shop, or library, Several cottages including a gingerbread house, little red riding hood 's grandma's cottage and more. In recent years I have built two of these little cottages and transformed them into a Cottage fit for any miniature dream. The two pictured below now reside with collectors.

This one was called " Mossy Stones Cottage:

This one was called "Rosemary's Cottage" I left the insides unfinished because she wanted to do that part herself:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Greenleaf Glencroft Dollhouse Kit

This here is a kit that I found very fun and challenging to do. I Loved building this house and am sure I have not built my last Glencroft kit yet. This house has so many wonderful features such as ceiling beams, fireplaces and my favorite thing is that the stair case does not distract from the room size or look because it is placed in it's "own" area. This house can look great even with siding on it. I was sent pictures a few years back from a customer of mine who had purchased a Glencroft dollhouse kit from me and she put siding on her house it the entire house had a look and feel of a very contemporary setting. Here are pictures of two of the ones I have done in recent years:

This is the second one I did:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sugarplum Cottage Greenleaf Dollhouse Kit By Tracy Topps

This is the Sugarplum Cottage I created to take with me to my first Miniature Show where I sold at. It was The "Wee C" Miniature Show held by the Wee C miniature club in Chicago. I had a ball at the show and I won a Ribbon for this house too at the show

To build you a custom house like this one ( no two are never exactly alike), please send me a email at the cost of this house is $420 not including shipping.

Greenleaf Westville Custom Dollhouse

These are Pictures of the Westville dollhouse I did for a lady who works for the Smithsonian. Her mother (80 years old) always wanted a dollhouse and so Andrea decided to give her mother the surprise gift that she had waited over 70 years to get.

Do you want one created fr someone special in your life? eMail me at the price of a house like this one (electrified and all upgrades included) is $800 (not including shipping)

Enjoy the Pictures! This house has been customized to have bay window seats, fireplace and a yard base.

Upstairs full size rooms

the staircase is wonderfuldscf0796


the blue kitchen is lovely Hello & Welcome