Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Greenleaf Custom Buttercup Dollhouse Kit

The Buttercup kit by Greenleaf is such a sweet little house. There is everything included in this house to create your own Cottage setting. I have seen it built as a shop, or library, Several cottages including a gingerbread house, little red riding hood 's grandma's cottage and more. In recent years I have built two of these little cottages and transformed them into a Cottage fit for any miniature dream. The two pictured below now reside with collectors.

This one was called " Mossy Stones Cottage:

This one was called "Rosemary's Cottage" I left the insides unfinished because she wanted to do that part herself:


  1. These stone effects are great. You did a great job and the colors are very rich.

  2. this house is so beautiful I love the cottage look!