Thursday, January 22, 2009

Greenleaf Westville Custom Dollhouse

These are Pictures of the Westville dollhouse I did for a lady who works for the Smithsonian. Her mother (80 years old) always wanted a dollhouse and so Andrea decided to give her mother the surprise gift that she had waited over 70 years to get.

Do you want one created fr someone special in your life? eMail me at the price of a house like this one (electrified and all upgrades included) is $800 (not including shipping)

Enjoy the Pictures! This house has been customized to have bay window seats, fireplace and a yard base.

Upstairs full size rooms

the staircase is wonderfuldscf0796


the blue kitchen is lovely Hello & Welcome


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  1. Hey, sometime you should check out my blog! I love minatures and dollhouses. I have been working on building my own.