Friday, January 21, 2011

Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse by Tracy Topps

I built this in 2010.
This house is dignified and grand and full of upgrades! The sophisticated exterior has been painted 4 different colors to enhance the beauty of this gorgeous Victorian Mansion (the house is a very pale lavender with white, gray and lilac) ! It also has a curved Mansard roof. This Beacon Hill has seven rooms, and it has two hallways that are large enough to furnish as rooms. it has a fireplace in the upper bedroom, two bay windows, and a winding staircase. This one also has been edited by me to included a room in the Tower (right on the roof). The stones on the house and base were hand sculpted & painted by me using creative paper clay.
The shingles were hand painted 4 different colors to compliment the entire color scheme of the house. There is a Wisteria Vine and a climbing rose bush. 

My houses have been featured in more than 9 magazines (including online magazines) in USA, Spain & the UK. 

This house is 1" scale.
Built Size of house alone:  32" W x 17" D x 40"H
Size including the base:
37" W x 24" D x 41"H

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